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Take Care of Yourself

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I’ve learned through experience that ‘no man is an island’—whether it be in our professional or private lives, and when a project or business is our ‘baby’ we may have a tendency to become to overprotective of that baby.

As a result we may want to do do everything for ourselves—even at the risk of working ourselves into severe exhaustion.

We may be capable of doing everything it takes to run a business or implement a project—but as well as working hard, we have to work smart.

We’re no good to ourselves, or the project at hand if we refuse to pace ourselves.

We’re no good to ourselves when we take on every thing at once, turn down help when needed, and work to the point of extreme fatigue.

Working on our dreams can at times be exhausting, but make no mistake about it – our health is our wealth.

Take care of yourself.

Aisha A. Phipps
Musings of Ms. Phipps

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