The Year that was 2020 (Pt. 3)

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This year we’ve seen countless moments that we could relay to our future children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, or even great grandchildren in years to come.

We’ve seen division, unity, acceptance, and the realisation that no matter what we have in life, it can be taken from us in a moment.

For me, 2020 reinforced the value of self love and acceptance, and the fact most people are doing their best with what they have and know. It has been a year where many were looking to others to give them the very things others were struggling to give to themselves. Many had moments of needing to be still.

Perhaps 2020 taught not only the value of being patient with ourselves, but the value of being patient with others, by not taking offence at their silence, or even their seeming loudness. It was a year we’ve never had to endure in our lifetimes; everyone dealt with this year as best as they could.

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