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Instagram: Why I’m Taking the Organic Route.

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I’ve recently started using my Instagram account and it has attracted the attention of individuals and organisations who have sent direct messages to offer paid follower services.

Yes. Pay the appropriate fee and watch in awe as thousands of followers flock to ‘follow’ my Instagram account!

Let me say this for the record! I am taking the organic route!

Many may have their reasons for using paid follower services. I truly believe that when we cut corners, we miss out on valuable learning experiences which are situated on those corners.

I remember being a member of an athletics team as a teenager. The corner, or ‘the bend’ was the place where athletes had to put in the extra work, and drive forward in order to secure a decent position on the home straight.

Many years later I experienced a life-changing bereavement just weeks before the official deadline of my master’s dissertation.

I was grieving and had just started a full-time role in business management. Like many others—who have done so before and after me, I had to juggle ‘24-7’ motherhood, a nine to five career, and complete a dissertation. There was no cutting any corners—especially in grief.

In life, we go through our individual journeys and drive ourselves through adversities. The bends test our endurance, determination and motivation and our abilities to dig deep.

Many entrepreneurs and private users of Instagram speak of the pressure to post, retain and engage followers. Many users also speak of the amount of work they put in to craft an image of ‘living the best life’.

If I pay for followers am I putting myself on the first rung of the ladder of no longer being true to myself? For me it would mean entering what is often perceived to be a questionable ploy to gain organic followers.

Imagine purchasing an item on online after reading the glowing reviews, then discovering most of the reviews were fake? It leaves a question mark over the integrity of the seller as well as the quality of the product.

The bottom line is: I will not spend a single minute trying to be someone I am not, when the one thing I can do extremely well is be myself. 😉

All the recognition from others in the world means nothing, if—at the end of it—we’re unable to look in the mirror and recognise ourselves.

Step-by-step, day-by-day—I will get there! But! I’m taking the organic route.

Aisha A. Phipps
Musings of Ms. Phipps

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