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Short ‘n’ Sweet: Monday Musings

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Hello and Happy Monday!

Sometimes we can get too fixated on arriving at the next stage in our lives, that we forget to sit back and appreciate the beauty of the journey.

We get up in the morning and straight away our minds go towards the tasks of the day—many of which involve building the future we desire.

We may often deem our ‘now’ as ‘not enough’—and the things that are going right for us often fade into the background.

We may focus on what’s next on the to-do list or agenda—and in our quest to keep up the momentum, little time is spent savouring the journey.

This week the #10yearchallenge decorates our social feeds, with users posting selfies 10 years apart. It’s a nice way of stopping to appreciate the value of time, and in looking at our photos appreciate the experiences, triumphs and setbacks—as well as look back in gratitude at the challenges we have overcome.

Have a great week!

Aisha A. Phipps
Musings of Ms. Phipps

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