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Multi-Tasking and Switch-Tasking? Or Quality Over Quantity?

Reading time: 2 mins In a world that tells us that multi-tasking is an admirable trait, studies published as far back as the early 2000s prove that multi-tasking negatively impacts productivity.  Multi-tasking…a must-have key skill? I’ve seen ‘multi-tasking’ listed as a key skill on many a CV, and can attest to placing in it on my CV myself. However, studies …

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Take Care of Yourself

Reading time: < 1 min … I’ve learned through experience that ‘no man is an island’—whether it be in our professional or private lives, and when a project or business is our ‘baby’ we may have a tendency to become to overprotective of that baby. As a result we may want to do do everything for ourselves—even at the risk …

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Mas Unity

Reading time: 2 mins I am a huge fan of Notting Hill Carnival. Every year since when I can remember I have been there without fail, soaking up the soca and calypso music and in awe of the costumes of the many different bands, who work all year round in preparation for this two day event. Over the weekend …

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