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The ‘Perfect Time’

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It is easy to become obsessed with perfection, so much so that sometimes we wait for what we think is the perfect time to put a plan into action. We wait for the perfect moment to pursue a dream and to launch a project; the perfect time to have children and the perfect time to get married. All too often our dreams can be put on hold, all because we are waiting for that ‘perfect time’. For some, waiting for the ‘perfect time’ ends up being a habit and the perfect go-to excuse.

If we put our dreams on pause with the purpose of waiting for the next perfect moment every time a situation arose, nothing would get started and nothing would get finished. The need for perfect conditions can indeed be the killer of dreams. It’s akin to planning to launch a spangly website to house great content but hesitating to launch it year after year because you feel the ‘look’ of the website isn’t perfect. Before we know it, fear can creep in in the form of a ‘what if’. What if someone doesn’t like it? What if it’s not successful? What if it receives ridicule? What if..? What if…? What if…? Do you know something? I’ve reached a point in my life where that answer to that question is “So what!” 🙂

Every experience is a learning experience. Successful companies are never afraid to launch, make tweaks, update and recreate. One example that springs to mind is ASOS. Originally known in the year 2000 as, their goal was to appeal to impressionable young users who wished to dress in the style of their favourite celebrities. The site interface was indeed basic and sometimes crowded, however it was their concept and products that attracted customers. As time went by changes to their website became evident. Years later was rebranded as ASOS, shedding their celebrity style concept and widening their customer base.

We have to start from somewhere. Richard Branson didn’t wait until he had the perfect office in which to conduct business. He ran his business from a red telephone box. Founder of Tesco, Jack Cohen, didn’t wait until he had the perfect building in which to operate. He ran his business from a market stall. So what if the conditions are not our idea of perfect? What’s important is that we take the first step. Our less than perfect stories will be the makings of a perfect origin story – a story which will add meaning to the dream once obtained. If you’re launching a company, your success story will provide a solid foundation for your company’s culture. It will also contribute to the makings of a success story which will inspire others to pursue their goals.

There’s a popular date which is earmarked for the pursuit of goals. It’s called ‘January the First’. However, as I write this we have well over thirty days going spare. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s time to cancel ‘January the First’ and reschedule the pursuit to NOW. 😉

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