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New Year, New Me?

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Last night a journey home that should’ve taken me an hour took nearly three hours to complete. No matter which way I took I met traffic. As time went on I grew impatient; I felt mortified at the thought of seeing in the New Year alone in my car and away from my loved ones.

I’m not even going to dress it up. 2017 seemed much like that car journey – awash with grief from a devastating bereavement, trying to take shortcuts to get my way out of it; being met with countless stop signs, diversions and road blocks. No one able to come to my rescue to lift me out of it. No safe place to park in order to find other means to get home. Eventually coming to terms with the fact that there’s no quick way out of it. No shortcuts, nothing. The only option on the table? To stop fighting the journey, sit in it and experience every last messy, chaotic and excruciating piece of it. And most of all? Try not to run out of gas whilst doing it.

…although we may travel unfamiliar roads, we will eventually get home…

The journey teaches patience. It teaches you not to be so hard on yourself and to refrain from getting overly flustered over situations outside of your control. It teaches you how to face unwanted surprises along the way. It taught me that I cannot always control the process but I have to trust the process and control my thoughts about it. It teaches us that valuable lessons are gained in the form of mistakes and wrong-turns. It teaches us that although we may travel unfamiliar roads, we will eventually get home.

It’s easy to be positive while things are going great for us…

The journey teaches us the importance of trying to view horrid moments through the lens of positivity and to somehow muster the energy to find and create happy moments. It’s easy to be positive while things are going great for us but the real challenge? Trying to be positive in times when we feel there is nothing to be positive about.

…you’re not downtrodden, you’re being made stronger.

Some moments, whether we like it or not, have the ability to change our lives forever, so if you’re going through the mill right now, just know you’re not downtrodden, you’re being made stronger. One way to see it is that you are going through a rebirthing process in order to develop the tools of strength you need in order to handle the greatness that is to come your way.

…you may resurface bruised, exhausted and battered but you will be victorious.

Many of us know what it’s like to witness the birth of a New Year with breathtaking uncertainty. Sitting silently, listening to Big Ben chime – those chimes which once represented the first month of a “happy, healthy and prosperous” New Year instead representing Round One of a twelve month struggle. Believe me when I say you may resurface bruised, exhausted and battered but you will be victorious.

Keep moving forward…

Keep your head up. Shield your head if you have to, but keep it up. Keep moving forward and remember there’s no such thing as the perfect moment to reach for a goal. In every day, good or not so good, you are learning something new. Something that will in some way contribute to changing your life for the better.

Remember: You are needed. Your story of victory is needed. Just hold tight and don’t give up.

Victorious New Year.

Aisha A. Phipps

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