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Stop! Don’t Feed the ‘Trolls’!

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‘Trolls’. We’ve all seen them. They infiltrate social media in a bid to pull people off topic. They seek to cause infighting and mayhem. Once achieved, they disappear into the background, sit back, put their feet up and enjoy the confusion that unfolds – ever so often reappearing with fuel to add to the fire in a bid to keep it burning as long as possible.

The goal? To ensure the positive message is missed in its entirety. To ensure the message is dragged kicking through the mud until it becomes muffled, inaudible and eventually lost, as it disappears into the abyss of nothingness.

Unfortunately, many of us have found that the same exists in life. An individual could be heading in a positive direction – working hard to make a better life for themselves, maybe as a result living in confusion for so long. They make a headway. Their progress serves as inspiration to others. Then up pops a ‘troll’, rubbing their hands tinged green with jealousy—brandishing a vial containing a concoction of hearsay, lies, past mistakes and knockdowns.

The troll proceeds to work the room—offering a sip to those unsuspecting of their motives. The goal? To cause defamation and confusion with the hope that the individual packs up their hopes, dreams and talents and runs to the nearest dark corner.

How do you know when your life is heading in the right direction? A ‘troll’ pops up to attempt to distract you from your path. Some of us have been there at some point or another, and have allowed ourselves to be thrown off-balance. See through it for what it is. Just a tactic of diversion. Your focus on what really matters is being tested.

For every minute we entertain confusion and conflict, we bring more confusion and conflict into our lives.

I once wasted hours off-loading to a loved-one as a result of entertaining real-life ‘trolls’. As a result, the targets I had set for myself that day were not achieved. The next day, I had to give myself a telling off for having the audacity to entertain so much negativity, to the point of being too lethargic to focus my progression. Never again.

For every minute we entertain confusion and conflict, we bring more confusion into our lives. We subtract time from working on ourselves or on our goal – time away from investing positive energy in ourselves and others.

Chances are, many of us have been a situation where we’ve given our time to drama or even tried to reason with a person who prefers conflict to conflict resolution. Not every invitation to an argument has to be accepted. At some point we realise that those who seek to create conflict are unhappy, insecure or derive pleasure from confusion. At some point we realise that real strength doesn’t involve giving a reaction. We realise that real strength is sensing when we’re about to be pulled into a conflict designed to make us lose focus, grounding ourselves by seeing it for what it is, and simply walking away.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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