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Short(ish) ‘n’ Sweet: Monday Musings

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Get Out of That Box!

Hello! Here we are – the first Monday in March. New month! New chapter!

Today’s post is about jumping out of the confinements of the boxes that other people create for us. This message might not be for everybody, but if you know someone who could benefit from reading this post, please do send them the link.


Life is too short to chase the goals that others want us to pursue because it makes them comfortable.

Are you doing the things you truly want to do? Or are you living your life according to someone’s else’s idea of what you should do? Are you living your life according to someone else’s definition of success rather than your own?

I guess I can say, “I’ve been around long enough to know” that we should never dedicate our lives to living miserably to appease others. We should never dilute ourselves so others can feel comfortable with being around us.

I’ve been there!

What happens when you do that? Everyone winds up feeling comfortable with you – except you.

You sit there – feeling stifled and watch your every word, while others sit before you feeling free to be themselves. You downplay your wins – or don’t mention them at all because you know that your good news won’t be well received. How do I know? I’ve been there!

Find people who accept your You…

It’s no way to live. If you have to get in a box to make someone comfortable and live according to what they think you should be and achieve – or find yourself belittling your own wins or positive goals out of fear of how others may react – then it’s time to conduct an audit. Find people who accept your You in your entirety – quirks and all.

I’ve learned that those who are comfortable with themselves and live life being themselves will have no problem with you being yourself. Those who are about self-growth, will have no problem with you striving for growth.

They will congratulate you on your wins rather than rush to tell you that what you’ve achieved doesn’t mean a thing. They will notice your quest for growth, and the positive changes in you as a result, and won’t ‘act out’ towards you out of insecurity.

We cannot teach younger generations to be themselves if we’re living our lives according to what others think we should be.

Those who truly care for your wellbeing will want you to be you – the real you, the best version of you – wins and all.

…jump out of the boxes…

If you haven’t done so already – jump out of the boxes that others create for you.

I must warn you—the minute you do people will say that you’ve changed, but I promise you, you’ll be positively amazed at what unfolds in your life when you do.

What happened when you climbed out of the boxes others had created for you? Let me know below!

Have a great week.


Aisha A. Phipps
Musings of Ms. Phipps



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