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Is Social Media Ruining Your Real-Life Relationships?

Reading time: 2 mins When was the last time you had a catch-up with all of your close friends? I mean—a real catch-up, which doesn’t involve checking their social media profile for updates, giving their odd post a like, or direct messaging them via Instagram with a ‘💯’ in response to their Instagram Story? According to a survey commissioned …

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People-Pleasers: 1 in 3 adults are ‘easily led’

Reading time: 3 mins In the ‘love-like-wow’ society in which we live, it is no wonder why many fall into the trap of being reliant upon approval from others, and in turn use other people’s reactions as a benchmark for how they should feel about themselves. It’s a slippery slope. People-pleasers often leave ambitions by the wayside due to …

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