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The 3rd Anniversary of London 2012

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Three years ago after few months of preparation I took part in the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Finally, the world got to see what the #SaveTheSurprise fuss was all about. The organisers said taking part would be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity.’ Well! That was a MASSIVE understatement. More like, ‘It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that will inevitably:

  • change your life
  • tap into strengths you never thought existed
  • demonstrate what a collective of positive minds can achieve on a grand scale
  • open doors into areas you could only dream about
  • give you a new outlook on life
  • arm you with tools to help you reach your goals
  • make you see the positive in all situations
  • put you in touch with some amazing people and spark wonderful friendships
  • show you the beauty of a dream transforming into a reality
  • prepare you for your next phase in life plus much more!’

I had never been to an audition in my life. Standing in the casting hall with hundreds of strangers was daunting but I loved every minute of my first audition. Only a few people in the room attended the audition with someone they knew.  To be one of the one thousand people chosen for both the opening and closing ceremony was a bonus and there are still times when I look back, pinch myself and look at the photos in disbelief.

Three years on, the stories of London 2012 are still being told and I doubt those who were involved will ever shut up about it – even if others wished they would! Why? For the performers, the Opening and Closing Ceremony were more than just productions. The whole process from the completion of an application form to the auditions, to the rehearsals to the opening and closing night was a life changer and possibly a lifesaver for many.

Next year, all eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro! If you can speak and understand Portuguese and fancy a life-changing experience, apply! The ceremonies cast application process is now open. Go to: and complete that application form! You just never know where it may lead. Keep me posted!


-Musings of Ms Phipps


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