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Metro Makeup Lady

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You know something? I take off my hat to Metro Makeup Lady. You KNOW that lady. She’s the one who steps on the train with a clean canvas of a face and transforms before our very eyes from Girl Next Door to Music Video Vixen.

Just think. Metro Makeup Lady adorns the natural look when boarding the train and for every stop she remains she unveils a fresh twist to her journey. One by one – like sweeties, she pulls cosmetics from her handbag. Somehow and despite the rockiness of the journey she manages to apply each item with on point precision. Moisturiser, concealer, foundation and powder. Brow pencil, eye-shadow and eyeliner. Cheek colour, lip colour and a dab of glistening gloss. Then, after waving a mascara wand over her lashes and snapping closed her compact mirror, she alights the train – fiercely flashing a full face of makeup and strutting towards the exit like a model on a fashion runway.

Now Metro Makeup Lady may irritate people no end. Except Metro Makeup Lady has never given an eyelash as to whether people felt irritated. She is not afraid to reveal the ‘before and after’ version of herself and her aim is to impress nobody but herself. Whilst disapproving eyes peer at her, her eyes are firmly fixed on what she sees as enhancing herself…and most of all, despite the silent patter of negative opinions parading through people’s minds, she remains blissfully unaware and unaffected by other people’s thoughts…

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