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Is Social Media Ruining Your Real-Life Relationships?

Reading time: 2 mins When was the last time you had a catch-up with all of your close friends? I mean—a real catch-up, which doesn’t involve checking their social media profile for updates, giving their odd post a like, or direct messaging them via Instagram with a ‘💯’ in response to their Instagram Story? According to a survey commissioned …

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Diamonds are for Black Fridays?

Reading time: 3 mins It’s that time of the year again. Black Friday. When only the physically strong survive in transporting a 48-inch TV from the back of a store to the checkout—amidst the wrestlers and those playing tug-of-war, then sauntering, staggering or in rare cases crawling away—while clinging to that much perceived prized possession. Meanwhile, the rest of us sit …

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