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As we draw closer to 2019, many a social feed and ‘timeline’ speaks of New Year’s resolutions. Research shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions crash and burn by February. Understandably, it’s one thing to get started and another thing to remain on track.

“…average of 42 days to break a habit and develop a new one.”

It is said that it takes upon an average of 42 days to break a habit and develop a new one. Momentum is certainly key in achieving goals and often momentum is something that has to be created on purpose.

Think back on the resolutions you had made for 2018. Did you stay loyal to your plans or did you wobble along the way?

Research conducted by YouGov found that the most common New Year’s resolutions for 2018 included exercising more, saving more and eating healthier.

However, InterNations – a network and guide for expats, compiled the following list of the nine most common New Year’s resolutions and the best places to pursue them. The list was based on a survey conducted by Expat Insider.

1) Health and wellbeing – Austria
2) Start a family – Finland
3) Find love – Chile
4) Save money – Colombia
5) Expand your network – Mexico
6) Find a new job – Bahrain
7) Reduce stress – Denmark
8) Travel more – Singapore
9) Find a new hobby – Spain

Is your ideal place to fulfil your New Years resolutions on this list? Or if given the choice, would you travel elsewhere?

Do you even believe in setting New Year’s resolutions? Or do you – like myself, believe if you plan to set out to do something, there’s no better time to start than now?

Let me know you thoughts!

Aisha A. Phipps
Musings of Ms. Phipps

Image courtesy of InterNations GmbH

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