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Creatives…Get Some Sleep!

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In a world that sends the message that ‘hard work’ entails running ourselves into the ground, it is important for us to listen to our bodies and know when to put everything down and just rest. After all, our health comes above everything and without it we cannot be fully there for ourselves, for others or even exercise justice to that all-important project. 

Tiredness affects our ability to operate at optimum level. We sometimes brandish our ‘tiredness’ as though it’s a badge of honour; proof that we’ve been ‘busy’ or ‘hard at work’ – hard at work to the point of ignoring the body’s urgent signals to slow down.

We often showcase our ability to ignore those signals as a form of ‘strength’ – an ability to push ourselves over the limits. But we have to be honest with ourselves. Is it really ‘strength’ or sometimes ‘stupidity’?


“…our bodies talk and sometimes scream at us for a reason…”


Yes, we can work extremely hard but we also have to work smart. Listen to your body; our bodies talk and sometimes scream at us for a reason.

Research agency OnePoll surveyed 2000 adults to find the ‘40 things Brits would do if their days were longer’. Low and behold, ‘sleep’ was at the top of the list.

That comes as no surprise. Creatives will attest to the fact that sometimes it’s difficult to switch off when doing something they enjoy as it does not feel like a chore. Many creatives will admit that their ideas are worked upon at night, and when those creative juices are flowing, getting some sleep often takes a back seat. However, studies have shown that lack of sleep over lengthy periods can be disastrous for a person’s overall health.


“…sleep deprivation can also contribute to heart problems later on in life.”


According to health experts lack of sleep can make people irritable and prone to falls; it deprives us of the nutrients we need for healthy skin. It impacts memory, concentration and can lead to other medical conditions which include obesity and diabetes. According to information given by British Heart Foundation, sleep deprivation can also contribute to heart problems later on in life.


“…lack of sleep can also work against creativity.”


Sleep is necessary. Creatives may thrive working through the night, but lack of sleep can also work against creativity. Ever worked through the night on a project to the point of exhaustion, eventually given in to the exhaustion with some sleep; then opened your eyes, looked at the fruits of your exhausted labour, only to have a ‘What the [insert choice words] is this’ moment?

When the ideas flow we often spring into planning and feel compelled to work on them straight away. However, we also need to put our health first by knowing when to put our feet up and replenish our energy with a decent night’s sleep.

There isn’t a better feeling than looking at your finished product—knowing that not only did you give it everything, you also worked at optimum level.

Now…get some rest!


Are you a creative who struggles to ‘switch off’ and call it a day, or can you recall instances where you have worked to the point of disorientation and exhaustion? What steps did you or are you taking to break the habit? Comment below or send a message via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.


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