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5 Ways Men Can Slay Their Dragons

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We often hear the phrase, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, but let’s face it – it’s often easier said than done. Many men secretly battle debilitating depression and anxiety, which can lead to failed relationships, poor career progression and an unhappy life. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Personal development consultant Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz offers ways in which men can slay their dragons and emerge positively victorious.

Step 1: Know your dragon.

According to D’Cruz the first step is to identify your dragon. Is it anxiety? Or is it fear of abandonment? Or other problems? Apparently anxiety and fear of abandonment are the two most common problems for 21st century men, and once understood, it is easier to incorporate the necessary tools to deal with the problem.

Step 2: Understand the root cause.

It is important to understand what has triggered the fear that has led to the problem. D’Cruz stresses the importance of tracing the dragon’s roots to identify when and where the problem originally came from. Understanding that the trigger is not occurring now, will lead to the next step of the journey towards peace.

Step 3: Make peace with your dragon.

It’s important that we make peace with our dragons. Attempting to run away from dragons only causes the dragon to chase and gain strength over us. By resisting the temptation to flee, we are not only able to face dragons head on, but tame and accept the dragons, change our relationship with them – and thus, make peace with them.

Step 4: Be the dragon.

D’Cruz advises that in order to conquer fear, we must “transform our fear into the energy of power”. The problem must be accepted and its lessons must be used as fuel to catapult you forward with self-awareness.

Step 5: “Live magically.”

D’Cruz acknowledges that when a personality is formed on the foundation of fear, it attracts life’s dramas to feed it. Think about what type of ‘energy’ you would like to attract in order to create your ideal life, and with a new-found understanding, make positive steps to obtain it.

What are your thoughts? Can you relate to the above? Have you incorporated these strategies into your own life? Feel free to comment below or send a message via the contact page.


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