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The Year that was 2020 (Pt. 1)

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It’s the last day of 2020, and I guess many of us aware looking back at the year with mixed emotions.

As I type, I look back on a year that was surreal, with devastation and grief all around us. The world entered this year oblivious to what was in store. So many New Year’s resolutions, so many hopes, plans and dreams. However, for many of us, those plans didn’t come into fruition in its entirety.

This year was meant to be my Year of Travel! I had even invested in annual multi-trip travel insurance! The only multi-trips I made was to the online grocery store, the fridge, and to the bathroom to wash my increasingly dry hands.

It’s a wake-up call. Although we may have all the plans in the world, external factors can come into play and force us into a new reality.

On my lockdown birthday this year, I posed with a cardboard wand. Make no mistake about it, there were times I wished someone could wave a wand for us all to wake up and find 2020 was all a dream…

Coming up…Part 2…

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