Short(ish) ‘n’ Sweet: New Year Musings

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Here we are, in what is the first full week of 2020!

When casting our minds back to last year, we cannot help but reflect on the entire decade – the mixed bag of highs the lows that surface from time-to-time in this journey called life.

Some of us entered the new decade full of hope and excitement, while others entered with uncertainty. The bottom line is: we made it.

A time of reflection…

Every new year brings about a period of reflection for many – myself included. I thought about every year since 2010, the highs, the lows and what was achieved; who started last decade with us and who didn’t get to join us in 2020. 

Indeed, the last decade was an intense masterclass in resilience, self awareness and self discovery, which continues into this new decade.

One of my great take aways of last decade was to not let the opinions of a few stunt my growth, and recognise that the blooming process can be at times painfully slow—or, fast-paced to the point where we have no choice but to ‘run with it’.

My wish for you…

I wish you a decade of peace, prosperity and resilience to withstand whatever comes your way this decade. I wish you strength, willpower and positivity to keep going when things get difficult. And finally, I wish you the strength to birth or nurture your vision for 2020 and beyond.

Keep going, keep moving forward, and remember when it comes to your life, you get to decide what success looks like for you.

Victorious New Year! Victorious New Decade.


Aisha A. Phipps

Musings of Ms. Phipps



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