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Short ‘n’ Sweet: Monday Musings

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So it’s Monday.

The day where some seize the day, while others set their clock alarm an hour early – just to feel the privilege of being able to hit the ‘snooze’ button multiple times in a bid to hold on to that weekend feeling.

Just think. If aliens were to land on earth today, a quick search on Google would tell them all they needed to know about humans and the general dislike of Mondays.

See commonly asked questions below:



(I guess Garfield the cat appeared in the search results as he disliked Mondays too.)

If Mondays genuinely fill you with dread and forces you to ask questions such as “How do I survive Monday”, perhaps it’s time to think about making some changes.

Here’s some ‘Monday Motivation’ for you—guaranteed to give you food for thought.


Video credit: Jay Shetty (2018)


I wish you a great week.

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