Short ‘n’ Sweet: Monday Musings

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“Hello Monday! Nice to see you!”



Placing ‘Monday’ and the word ‘nice’ in the same sentence may be alien to some. There was a time when I couldn’t put ‘Monday’ and ‘nice’ in the same sentence! However, as the saying goes, ‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’

If we get up in the morning already dreading the day, then guess what? What we’re looking for, is what we’ll find.

Put yourself in the state of belief that your day will run well, so that even if you encounter the odd difficulty during the working or school day, those difficulties will seem minuscule in comparison to the good that you see happening around you.

Happy Monday!

Have a great week.


Aisha A. Phipps

Musings of Ms. Phipps




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