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It has been a while coming. After writing for a number of years for publication online and in print, I made the decision to take a break. The break was to be temporary (as in months), however months went by and before I knew it nearly three years had elapsed.

Over the past year I’ve been backwards and forwards on the idea of starting a fresh blog.  The launch was scheduled for May 2014…except I deemed myself too busy to write.

Then light came at the end of the tunnel in the form of a ‘Behaviour Change Project’ – a postgraduate assessment component of the Consumer Behaviour module at Birkbeck, University of London. The project ran over a course of four weeks; in that time the objective was to embark on a ‘change’ and log challenges faced in order to gain insight into the challenges marketers face when attempting to change or influence consumer behaviour.

The four weeks has been an eye-opener with many challenges but I stuck with it.

My goal was to launch the site on 10th February 2015. So here it is! ‘Musings of Ms Phipps’, my musings on various topics related to my life.  Enjoy!

Aisha Phipps

Musings of Ms Phipps


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