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To-do: Be Present (The Verdict)

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In my previous post (Tuesday 17th April) I said I would abandon the use of a to-do list for the day and make the effort to be present.

The verdict?

Well…where do I start?

Have you ever seen a Rottweiler walking its owner? Within the first two hours at the office, my brain could’ve been likened to a dog on a leash attempting to dash full speed ahead, whilst its owner (who at risk of being dragged), tightened their grip on the leash, dug their heels into the ground and attempted to slow down the dog. I was suddenly aware of how much I attempted to think about what I was going to do next, instead of just focusing on The Now.

I had to place my notepad further out of reach when I had an urge to pick up a pen and write a to-do list. By midday there was a shift; the feeling of relaxation was out of this world.

Personally, concentrating on The Now eliminated any pressure associated with the things to address next. The bridge was simply crossed when I got to it without prior thought during the previous task as to what, when, where or how I was going to cross the next bridge once finished. I felt a sense that I need not dwell on it because whatever ‘it’ was – just like the previous task, it was going to get done.

“In ‘being present’ I grew increasingly aware of my feelings in each present moment.”

We often race against the clock with our to-do lists which can easily morph from a reasonably short list into ‘42 Things To Do Before the Close of Business Today.’ It doesn’t have to be that way. I felt everything I needed to do during that particular working day was accomplished without the need to routinely watch the clock. In ‘being present’ I grew increasingly aware of my feelings in each present moment.

Maybe we live in a society that puts the act of being busy and making plans on a pedestal, all the while confusing being busy with the act of being productive and in control. Many of us would agree that planning is necessary for many things; however after yesterday’s short experiment I truly believe that for me, striving to be present and experiencing each moment – even when working or making plans for the future, is surely the way I should go.


What are your thoughts?

What works for you?

Do feel free to comment.


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